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King Tut

KING TUT Herbal Smoke


A exciting mix of fine herbs! This is one of our more potent mixtures, with a taste of real Egyptian herb. Very exotic and flavorful. Rating: Extremely Relaxing, Powerful, Smoke. Very smooth burning, with a unique exotic herb smell and taste. A powerful blend of exotic egyptian herbs, King Tut's Blend has been a long time favorite for thousands of smokers worldwide.  From the pyramids of Egypt, we bring you this exciting synergic blend of some of the rarest herbs and botanicals known to man since the beginning of recorded time.

Please smoke responsibly. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.
  1/2 Ounce Size
Price: $21.99

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1 Ounce Size
Price: $31.99

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4 Ounce Size
Price: $89.99


Legal combos
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