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The 6th Element Vaporizer by Vaporite
Herbal Vaporizer with Remote Control

6th element vaporizer by vaporite

The 6th Element: Vaporite 6th Element is a forced air vaporizer / air freshner made of high quality steel, which is finished with high gloss paint. This heavy duty vaporizer has two fans in the back, which push hot air to your herbs in order to provide 100% satisfaction.

For longer life of the unit, turning the unit off for about 5 minutes after every 20 minutes of usage is recommended. This prevents the heating rod inside the unit from overheating. It has a high quality ceramic heating rod.

It comes with a remote control, so you can sit back and enjoy your herbs at ease.

It also comes with an aroma bulb to heat up the aromatherapy oils.


1 Air Freshener / Vaporizer Unit
1 Remote Control
1 Vapor Whip
2 Cleaning Stick
1 Power Cord
1 Aroma Bulb
1 Pack of Replacement Screens
1 Warranty Card (you must register within the 7 days of purchase to be covered)

* Please use a surge protector *

Important: When using the vaporizer / air freshner for the first time, it is important to leave the unit on for about 3 minutes at the highest temperature. Let it cool down. This burns all the manufacturing oils. Your unit is now ready to use.

1. Before turning the unit on, take the white Styrofoam insert out.
2. Turn the unit on by pressing the power button.
3. Now press the Set key to display the default temperature on the screen (300°F)
4. Use the Up / Down buttons on the unit or your remote control to regulate the temperature.
5. Once the unit reaches the set temperature, the green light will blink indicating that it is now ready to use.
6. Place your grinded herbs in the glass chamber to inhale using the vapor whip.
7. If using for oil, attach the aroma bulb with oil in it (oils require higher temperature).
8. Turn the fan on when needed using the button either on the unit or the remote control.

*Disconnect the whip when the unit is not in use. This helps conserve the herbs

Vaporite 6th Element Vaporizer
Includes Remote


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