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The Glow by Vaporite
Dome Herbal Vaporizer with Vapor Whip

glow vaporizer by vaporite

It is a non-digital vaporizer / air freshner, which is extremely simple to use. It provides an excellent vaporizing experience at a very low price.

For the use of essential oils, you can also purchase an aroma bulb separately.


1 Vaporizer unit
1 Vapor Whip
1 Glass Globe
1 Power Cord
* It comes with a 60 days warranty. *


Important: When using for the first time, turn the unit on for about 10 minutes. Now turn the power off and let it cool. The unit is now ready for regular use.

1. Insert the grinded herb/aroma oil in the metal herb holder.
2. Turn the power on and put the glass globe on top.
3. After a few minutes you’ll see the vapor rising. The time will depend on the herb/oil you’re using.
4. Plug the whip into the unit, and it is now ready to use.

*For long life of the heating rod, the unit should be turned off for a few minutes after every 15 minutes of use. Make sure that the silicon ring is firmly fixed onto the glass globe. When using aroma oils, please do not use the glass globe and vapor whip.*

Vaporite Glow Vaporizer
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